Ford 6.0 & 6.4 Powerstroke Bulletproof Packages

Nothing beats a durable truck that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. As most of us know the 6.0 & 6.4  Powerstroke suffer from a few flaws from the factory that dramatically lowered the dependability of our trucks. From insufficient strength stretch to yield head bolts to a EGR cooling system known to fail, the list goes on. You can depend on FS Autoworx “The Diesel Shop” to Bulletproof your Ford 6.0 & 6.4 Powerstroke engine and remedy those flaws. With all the necessary updates and upgrades you can trust that your truck will be more dependable with improved horsepower, torque and overall drive-ability. With our basic bulletproof package you get  the piece of mind of having a dependable truck with a very mild performance boost.  We install everything in house with our crew of qualified technicians. No matter what comes your way you’ll be able to handle it with FS Autoworx “The Diesel Shop”.

basic package

Our basic bullet proof package comes with all the necessary updates and upgrades to make sure your Ford 6.0 or 6.4 Powerstroke will become the engines they were meant to be when first produced. With dependability in mind with a hint of power our basic package is the way to go. Basic Package Includes:

*New Upgraded Head Gaskets  & Upper Gasket Kit

*ARP Head Stud

*OEM Oil Cooler

*EGR Cooler Upgrade Or Delete (off road only)

*OEM Updated Stand Pipes and Dummy Plugs (if applicable)

*OEM Updated HPOP STC Fitting (if applicable)

*OEM Blue Spring Kit

*IPR Screen Replacment

*Injector Re-Seal & Crush Washer Install

*Motorcraft Oil & Fuel Filters

*GUARDOL ECT w/ Liquid Titanium Engine Oil

*CAT ELC EC-1 Coolant

Our bulletproofing doesn’t stop when you leave our shop. You have a shop that will care about your truck and continue to make sure your truck is in top running condition.

Bulletproof upgrades

With dependability already taken care of with our basic bulletproof package, now you can start thinking about making your 6.0 or 6.4 Powerstroke come alive with some serious torque and horsepower. From mild to very wild we can build to suit anybody’s needs.  Some of these upgrades are not only power and torque adders but also add to the bulletproof dependability of the powerstroke. For example performance exhaust can dramatically lower exhaust temperatures while towing and a coolant filtration kit will keep that OEM Oil Cooler from plugging up. We don’t  recommend all these upgrades to all our customers as not everyone is looking for tons of power but some of these upgrades may be good for your build. Take a look, have any questions give us a call 360-548-3491.

*Performance Exhaust (mbrp, flopro, diamond eye, ect.)

*Performance Injectors (industrial, warren, ect.)

*Performance Turbo (vgt and non-vgt)

*ECU Tuning

*TCM Tuning

*FICM Tuning

*Push Rods

*Water Pump (metal impeller)

*FS Bulletproofed Performance Cylinder Heads (w/ option o-ringing and other performance upgrades)

*Performance HPOP (high pressure oil pump 6.0 engines)

*Performance HPFP (high pressure fuel pump 6.4 engines)

*Upgraded Lift Pump (fass, airdog, ect.)

*BG Induction Intake Cleaning Service (option fuel and oil treatment)

*Regulated Fuel Return (6.0 engines)

*Glow Plugs & Harness

*Coolant Filtration Kit

*ODAWGS Performance Intake Manifold

*Performance Intake (S&B, Airaid, ect.)


bulletproof TRANSMISSION builds

Now with the engine bulletproofing and dependability out of the way lets discuss that transmission. If your putting down more power and torque or looking to do a lot of towing a built bulletproofed transmission is pretty much a must. From upgraded billet triple disk torque converters and internals to upgraded clutch material we can build a transmission to suit whatever needs your looking for.

Bulletproof Fuel System Upgrade

Getting enough fuel is a key part in any build. Modern diesel and gas vehicles are more dependent on steady pressure and adequate fuel supply then ever before. Get piece of mind with an upgraded fuel lift pump system. Many options to choose from call to find out which lift pump is right for you.

Custom Tuning

Custom tuning for all powerstroke, duramax and cummins. Full custom tunes with full delete capabilities.

Custom Gauges

Keep track of your truck’s performance with new gauges. We install a wide range of gauges that monitor nearly every aspect of your truck. From simple pods to full displays we have what your looking for.

Contact us if you have questions about our bulletproof packages or parts. 360-548-3491